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Record your child’s thoughts, wishes and favourite things by completing a birthday interview each year on or around their special day. Watch how their answers change from year to year!



Custom Birthday Interview Book | Personalized | Modern Baby Book | Want to know a little more about your kiddos AND create a meaningful record of their thoughts, wishes and favourite things? Fill out a page in this book once every 365 days and marvel at how your child grows and changes. Remember when your three-year-old wanted to be a unicorn when she grows up? Or when your son’s favourite memory was building the deck with Dad? This book will help you hang on to a little bit of their personality at every age, while you create a keepsake you’ll both love to look back on.


• A professional, beautiful 8 x 10 inch softcover design.
• Two-page spreads for each year from ages 1 to 18.
• Ages 1 and 2 allow parents to record their child’s favourite things, and include space for a picture and a handprint.
• Ages 3 to 18 include space for a photo or self-portrait and signature, so that you can see your child’s drawings and writing develop over the years.
• The Custom Birthday Interview Book has your selected photo on the front cover, as well as an elegant font and grey accents on the inside pages.

• Choose a picture for the cover of your book, have the child’s name printed on the cover and first page of the book, and choose the age at which you would like the book to start for children older than one.
• As each photo is unique, we will place the wording ‘[insert child’s name]’s Birthday Interview Book’ in the best possible location for the photo provided.
• Photos must be vertical to fit on the cover of the book.
• The cover font will be black, unless the picture is very dark in which case the font will be printed in white.
• Book covers are printed on glossy, durable heavy paper and have a glued softcover binding.
• Please allow two to three weeks to process and ship your customized book.

• The better quality the photo, the better the results will be on the cover.
• Your photo will work best if it is portrait rather than landscape orientation. A landscape orientation will require extensive cropping.
• A high quality photo of at least 1 MB, taken in good lighting will give you the best possible print results.
• Dark, blurry, grainy or low-quality photos will not turn out well.
• We ask that you DO NOT add any text to your photo.
• We recommend printing your original photo from your home printer at the full page size to get an idea of how the colors (these may vary slightly) and quality will look on the cover.

1. Purchase the Custom Book. In the ‘Notes to Seller’ section, please include the child’s name as you would like it printed on the first page. This can be first name only, first and middle name, or full name. The first name will also be printed on the front cover of the book. Please ensure that the spelling is correct, as there are no refunds or returns on custom books. Also indicate the start age of the book if the child is older than one. For example, for a child who is already two, you might choose to start the book at age 3.
2. Send us a high-quality digital photo to use by emailing the photo to

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