Happiness Jar | Gratitude Jar | Thanksgiving Tradition | New Year’s Tradition


Focus on the small things that bring happiness each day.


Happiness Jar | Gratitude Jar | Recognize the beautiful, meaningful moments in your life. How does it work? Each day, jot down something that made you happy and stick it in the jar. It might be the smell of the rain when you stepped outside, or the hug you got when picking up your little one from daycare, or curling up in front a fire with your cozy slippers on. Get your whole family involved, and watch the jar fill up. Pick a time of year to pull out the papers and read all of the happy moments. At Thanksgiving, or New Year’s? Or simply on a quiet afternoon when you need a little pick-me-up.


> Labeled 1.9 litre jar with lid
> Tied with twine and a charm
> Colourful, pre-cut notepaper
> Instruction sheet


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