Finding Joy in Rainy Days: Perspective Shifts


“Today was a no good kind of day. A rainy one. A cold one. A missed the lake and beach one. You know one of those kind of days, when you say poor me and ‘why when I have plans to do fun things does it have to be one of those kind of days’ ** insert deflated sigh here**

Our brains are sadly wired for negativity- it takes training and conscious effort to shift our brains towards positivity. These types of shifts allow for more joy.

With a little shift in perspective today could sound like this, and it did.

Today was amazing. Nothing like we had planned, but none the less pretty darn great. It rained all day… and we cozied on in at home. We skipped the lake and opted for a slow start, pancakes, PJ’s and a trip to home depot & rona. They both had those truck carts and they were just too fun! We stopped for coffee and browsed isles at the stores that we don’t normally do. We played in the garage as it was just to rainy for outside, who knew the cement in the garage was such a great place to ride bikes. Supper was super yummy and as the chicken baked it warmed up the house. On rainy days it is so nice to slow the pace, change the plans and cozy on in”

Do ya see the shift? It’s something I have been working HARD on, moving towards letting go of expectations and the grumps when things don’t go as planned and learning to see the beauty in the unplanned ordinary. Learning to notice the little greatness and name it. Learning that really it is all the simple, slow things that make me the most content and where my JOY truly lives.

My wish for you JOY CREW is if the grumps have got ya down, that you just take a tiny step back and ask yourself “what are the tiny things that mattered today? ““what can I be grateful for even on rainy days that don’t go as planned?” and “how can I cultivate this more in my life?”


I’d love to hear your thoughts and your triumphs and struggles so please share!


XO –Missy



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