A Summer Full of Joy- A Bucket Full of Joy : Thoughts on The Summer Bucket List Challenge

Summer of 2017…one for the books, one full of joy, one that felt so slow, but so short at the same time. Is that even possible?

When we set out on this journey of The Joyful Life Co. we weren’t really sure where it  was headed. We knew what we belived in, what we were passionate about and that we wanted to be creative. This summer with the BUCKET OF JOY challenge and all kinds of families and folks participating, has really brought together the WHY for us.

We aim to spread JOY, by encouraging positivity, connection, tradition and the good old-fashioned kind of fun! We challenged you to join us and, by golly, you did! Putting together all the pictures for the video really hit home. Looking at all the little faces and expressions of JOY had us a bit choked up. Life is beautiful, if you CHOOSE to see it that way. I am sure you, like us, have had joyful and not so joyful days this summer. Days that were magic, and some that were a hot mess and you wished it was bedtime by 10 am and there was not enough coffee in the world to convince you otherwise. That’s life, but when we celebrate the JOY and let go of so many of the ‘shoulds’, a neat thing happens…. we find joy in more places. We start looking for joy. We start creating JOY!

So, JOY CREW (that is you, the best damn followers two gingers and their Boler could ask for), thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for coming along for the ride this summer. For celebrating the small things. For looking for the good. For creating amazing memories. For trying to take care of yourself and for just being you! Remember today and everyday how wonderful JOY can feel if we choose to look for it!

Have a peek at this video created from a sampling of the #bucketofjoy pictures shared this summer. The link is at the end of this post.

Congratulations to our winner of the Happy Camper Mini Session, Melissa Joyce! We look forward to seeing you and yours next Saturday September 9th with Becky from B2 Photography. We will have a cozy fall set ready to go with beautiful props from Letter Peddler and Growing a Little Love Shop! For anyone else who has signed up for the minis (sorry folks it’s sold out), we can’t wait to meet you!

Next Saturday will also be the launch of our new fall line. Make sure you are on our mailing list to be the first ones to see the new products. PLUS MAMAS, our self-care challenge is not over yet and we have prizes coming for you to get ya through the back to school JOY/madness!

Take care this week JOY CREW as back to school adventures are near!

Xo missy + mel


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