{ why we make it } Family Recipe Books

{ WHY WE MAKE IT} is a series where we share the story behind our product. All that we make has a theme, connection and tradtion and normallu comes with a story.

Today’s story features our Family Recipe Books 

My favorite recipes to make are the ones that were handwritten by the people we love. My Grandmother’s beautiful script on her cherished recipes. The notes in the margins of cookbooks and on recipe cards written out by my mom, in the first handwriting I ever learned to read and which mine faintly resembles. Holding these well-loved, well-used recipes, is almost like a hug from the generations that came before me. It dawned on me one day that the recipes from my own children’s childhood; the Santa cookies, the Sunday morning pancakes, the new family favorite recipes that I add to the mosaic, will be printed off the computer. Or worse, saved online on a Pinterest account that may or may not still exist in 20 years. And so, came the Family Recipe Book. A way to capture those favorite recipes in your handwriting; a culinary hug to your future generations. We offer a standard version of our recipe book as well as the option to customize the front cover! We have done everything from family names, to baba to a custom picture on the cover! We are working on our own with our moms and for our kids. We know that someday these will be treasured and adored

Our hope is the Family Recipe Book helps you create a beautiful keepsake of the dishes that bring your loved ones together.

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