{ why we make it } Birthday Interview Books

{WHY WE MAKE IT} is a series where we share the story behind our product. All that we make revolves around connection + tradition and is bound to come with a story of how and why it came to be!

Today we are sharing our BIRTHDAY INTERVIEW BOOKS

I am the documenter in my family… the keeper of stories, artwork made by tiny hands, and every sport or school photo of every kid. I am the Mom who actually finished most of the baby book (except for the tooth page. I lost momentum there). When the baby books were done, I was left with a ‘what now?’ Documenting my kid’s lives at 2, 7 and 13 felt just as important as documenting them from birth to age 1. I bought a journal for each kiddo with plans to write once a month, recording their likes, dislikes, heartbreaks and dreams. That sounded great in THEORY, but with two busy little ones it quickly felt UNATTAINABLE. That’s when I first heard the concept of a birthday interview. THIS sounded totally manageable. Once a year, interview your child, keep all the interviews in one place, and voila. Keepsake, treasured memories, record of their childhood story. I CAN do this, not always on their birthday, but sometime near it. My kids, now 8 and 11, LOVE looking back at their old interviews; what they wanted to be when they were 4 {unicorn princess} and favorite foods {spaghetti for four years, bumped only recently by tacos}. We are so excited to share The Birthday Interview Book with all of you, the keepers of family memories and family stories. Our favorite birthday tradition! We offer standard birthday interview books starting at age one and running through age eighteen. We have also moved into customization of our books. Through customization you can choose your age to start, have your child’s name in print, and also choose your own photo for the cover. All of these options are just one more bit in making extra special memories! We are passionate about ending- MOM GUILT! So, we have made these just a two-page spread once a year so they are actually doable! It is never too late to start! You got this!

Xo missy + mel

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