Family { CONNECTION} – During Times Like These

Hi Friends! What a whirlwind the last week has been. All that has felt normal and routine and mundane at times has been swept away. We are in this new reality and so much is UNKNOWN as we journey through the COVID-19 world here in North America.

We are like you, dealing with emotions and new normals. Thinking about paying bills and childcare and gosh darn will we have enough supplies( and sanity) to last us. It is VERY hard to stay out of the frantic mindset. We’ve spent days in FREEZE mode, days in get stuff done mode, sad days, blown away by love and generosity days. Take this as our permission to feel + do this however ya need to ( and for us that depends on the day). There is no RIGHT way to trudge through this. We know for us, times like this bring us back to our values (Connection + Big Love) and our people.

We will be sending you some of our FAV activities that we designed for our BIG LOVE: Family Workbook for free over this time. They are all designed to build connection, and right now, thats all we’ve got. Find the first { THE FAMILY ANTHEM }. We believe in KITCHEN PJ DANCE PARTIES all the time, but heck, this time even more!

We would LOVE to hear and SEE your FAMILY ANTHEMS. Send us an e-mail or DM on Insta (thejoyfullifeco) or tag us. Let’s share JOY!

Sending Big Love,

Missy + Mel