Family { CONNECTION } Family Meal FUN!

{ BREATHE } Times like these call for shaking it all UP! It is SATURDAY and it might not really feel like it.

It is very likley that you and yours have been inside keeping yourself safe. If you are a frontline/essential care folk, working on the front lines of COVID-19- THANK YOU!

It’s fair to guess CABIN FEVER may be running HIGH! We wanted to give ya a little something to keep ya going and do something with the family this weekend.

FOOD is such a part of families and dining together is where memories and traditions are made! We have attached here a copy of our ” FAMILY MEAL ” activity. The activity is part of the larger set of activites that are part of our {Big Love} Family Workbook.

We will leave you the activity in a link here! Enjoy!

Big Love,

Missy + Mel