Family Meaning Map

Prior to the session, your family will complete a self-directed core values activity. This information will be used during our direct session to develop a vision of your most joyful, meaningful life. During the two-hour direct session with Melanie and Melissa, we will develop the steps of your Meaning Map so that you have manageable, achievable goals that will bring your vision to reality. Following the direct session, you will have one telephone follow-up with either Melanie or Melissa.

From this package, you will receive a copy of our Meaning Map Module, which we will use to guide our process. You will also receive a completed copy of your Meaning Map that you can keep to ground you on your Joyful Journey.

Individual or Couples Meaning Map

This package is similar to the Family Meaning Map, with a focus on individuals or couples who would like to bring more meaning to their lives, who are encountering times of transition, or who are contemplating life decisions. In these instances, Meaning Maps can be used to assist you in setting goals and priorities, and to guide your decision making process. These sessions follow the same schedule as the Family Meaning Map.

From this package, you will also receive a copy of the Meaning Map Module, and a completed copy of your unique Meaning Map.

Take the First Step

Complete the form to begin your own Joyful Journey. We will be in touch shortly to start the process of creating your Meaning Map! Note that you may be able to claim part or all of the cost of your session if your private insurance coverage includes registered social work services.