Our Approach

We are simply mamas in a busy world who have found ourselves desperate to find meaning in the everyday. Our AHA moments happen when we are fully immersed in the present, and we find the abundant joy that exists when we pay attention. We have found ourselves wanting to move from existing and going through the motions to really living, enjoying the moments, and soaking it all in.

Our Story

Like many stories, ours has a long and winding pathway to where we are today. We have encountered bumps that we've had to overcome, we've tried things that we thought would fill our need for joy and connection all to find out that we were chasing down the wrong things. We've reflected, learned and re-evaluated. What we've come to realize, and what gave way to The Joyful Life Company, is that aligning your everyday commitments, the things you agree to and take on, the people you surround yourself with, and the material things in your life, with your true core values, is where you will find true connection and joy.

Meet Our Team


Melanie Beaudin


In addition to being a busy Mama of two, Melanie has worked with children and families for the past 18 years in her roles as both a social worker and a speech-language pathologist. Her favourite moments of the day are the times she carves out to connect with her family. Melanie's core values: joy, connection and making a difference.


Melissa Beer


Melissa is a mama to a busy two year old, who has dedicated her life to helping others as a social worker and play therapist. Melissa spends her favourite moments in nature, riding her bike (whose name name happens to be joy), and pondering sticky toddler handprints. Melissa's core values: big love, balance, simplicity.

Begin Your Journey

Would you like to embark on your own Joyful Journey? Get in touch with us to book a Meaning Map, or to find out more about other services to guide you on your path.