Mama Summer Bucket List Challenge- Health and Fitness

Health and fitness means something different to us all, and it often changes as we go through various stages of life. Early on our views of health and fitness are often entwined with body image. As we grow a little older, our priorities and perspectives shift. I realize now that I will never be 5’9″, where I would actually have a hope of being my perfect BMI. By the time we’re in our thirties and beyond, we’ve seen our bodies stretched to the limits with pregnancy. Maybe we’ve had friends deal with health issues or have had health scares of our own. We shift from worrying so much about the scale to keeping up with our kids and being positive role models. And learning to love our bodies for what they are.

As busy Mamas, it’s really hard to find time for our own fitness. This past winter, while I sat through numerous swimming lessons and hockey games for my kiddos, it kind of dawned on me how MUCH time I spend at fitness-related activities, but none of it was for me. Research tells us that kids who see their parents read are more likely to grow up being readers. It hit me like a ton of bricks- kids who see their parents being active are probably more likely to grow up being active adults. Suddenly the guilt I felt from taking time away from my kiddos in the name of my own fitness vanished. By saying ‘I can’t do that right now- Mommy’s working out’, I was actually teaching my kids to prioritize their own fitness. By taking care of myself, I was taking better care of them. This Fall, my kids are signed up for tae-kwon do at the same time and place where there’s also an adult yoga class. Instead of being a spectator, I’ll be in Warrior 1. Fitness doesn’t have to be profound, you just have to move where you can, when you can.

This week, we challenge you to do something for your own health and fitness. Tag us at #thejoyfullifeco and let us know what you’re up to!

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