Everything but the beach…

I’m going to admit something that very few people outside of my immediate circle know about me. I do not like the beach. It’s shocking, I’m sure. Who doesn’t love the beach? It’s where all the ‘fun’ families hang out. In the middle of a freezing Manitoba winter, what does everyone dream about? The beach. Everyone, that is, except this girl.

I need to clarify this. I don’t always dislike the beach. But my beach is more rock than sand. It has an overcast sky, with temperatures somewhere in the early 20s Celsius. I’ve always been a supporter of the underdog, and beaches are no different. I love the beach that no one else does. The cool, rocky beach. This fair skinned ginger who is prone to heatstroke would rather do just about anything than sit out in the sand on a sunny day wearing a bathing suit. I’m pretty sure I was born hating bathing suits. As an article of clothing, I love them about as much as compression stockings or tensor bandages. My perfect day at the beach involves not sitting in the sand that somehow seems to wind up in every corner of the car and house for months. My perfect beach day involves perching on a large rock, looking out at the rough, beautiful water and marvelling at the power of the waves while pulling my jacket tight around me, my feet planted firmly in sensible shoes.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because part of finding your true joy is being at peace with the things that don’t bring you joy. Take this from someone who’s been a beach fraud her whole life. As you fill out your summer bucket list, take it as an opportunity to be true to what you love. If your summer bucket list doesn’t include the beach, then know that I’m with you! Find your joy, share it if you like, and keep it close to your heart if you need to.

The beach is on my kids’ summer bucket list, so you may still find me there. I’ll be the one hiding under layers of sunscreen and wishing for clouds.

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